3 lessons that help you evolve into the next version of yourself

This week I write about three golden nuggets, or insights, or wise expressions, that I believe to be related and of great importance. For me they highlight how we are always changing, how growth is something in our lives that lies deep within us, and how we should accept the fact that we will notMeer lezen over “3 lessons that help you evolve into the next version of yourself”

You can influence the speed of time

Every now and then I catch myself wanting time to pass by faster. There is so much I want to do in life, so much to explore and learn, that I visualize what the future will look like and sometimes stay there mentally.. Whenever this happens, I notice that I start to lose focus andMeer lezen over “You can influence the speed of time”

4 types of goals and how to implement them for success

Many of us like to set goals for ourselves, and in a way everyone sets goals for themselves. Goals don’t have to be big things. They can be small things as well. Think of writing a to-do list for the day and crossing of what you have finished. Those things on that list can beMeer lezen over “4 types of goals and how to implement them for success”

How visualization can improve your life

Visualization is a subject many talk about. It is a skill that we can all implement in our lives no matter how big or small an activity is. Visualization is a mental tool which allows us to imagine all the possible outcomes of an object or experience. It is a method that does wonders forMeer lezen over “How visualization can improve your life”

THE THREE ZONES: Comfort zone, stretch zone, and stress zone

It truly is a nice thing to be able to sit down on the couch and relax after a long day. Or even to enjoy spending your time with your friends and loved ones indoors, maybe watching movies and playing boardgames. With the world occasionally being chaotic, it is also nice to know what toMeer lezen over “THE THREE ZONES: Comfort zone, stretch zone, and stress zone”


Occasionally we can experience having an ‘off-day’. A day that doesn’t go according to plan. A day in which it seems as if the world is against you and you keep receiving bad news. You might have a few tricks up your sleeve that can help you to reset, feel better, and enjoy your day.Meer lezen over “HAVING AN ‘OFF-DAY’”


Many people talk about ‘being authentic’, but what does this mean? And how must one ‘be authentic’? A quick search on the internet provides a definition for ‘authentic’ which is: the undisputed origin of something and not a copy. When something or someone is authentic, it is genuine and pure. To be authentic is aMeer lezen over “BE AUTHENTIC”

Perspective during difficult times

Sometimes things are just not working for us. It feels as if everything is going wrong, we cannot get anything done, and all we say and do is not received well. It is as if the world is working against us and we tend to ask ourselves ‘why is this happening to me?’. Though, onMeer lezen over “Perspective during difficult times”


Veerkracht is een prachtig woord die staat voor het vermogen om te herstellen van een tegenslag. Zelfs het voelen en accepteren van wat je meemaakt is deel van een veerkrachtige reactie. Als we kijken naar een baby dan zien we een ongelooflijke veerkracht. Toen wij nog een baby waren, was alles nieuw voor ons enMeer lezen over “AAN WIE ZIJN LOOPTEMPO HEB JIJ JE AANGEPAST?”

Durf jij de confrontatie aan met jezelf?

Durf jij de confrontatie aan met jezelf? Durf jij jezelf te analyseren en niet weg te deinzen als je iets lelijks tegenkomt? Durf jij te kijken naar wie je bent, wat je doet en wat je gedachten zijn? Durf jij een negatieve gedachte te observeren en te analyseren om erachter te komen dat er eenMeer lezen over “Durf jij de confrontatie aan met jezelf?”