“You truly made me feel understood and confident enought to let myself be guided by you during this process of becoming who I truly are. I feel REALLY blessed by all the concrete tools you are giving me to understand myself better and align mu life with my truth. Looking forward for our next session and the believes and values work!!!”

~ Anonymous

“After going through Nico’s step by step plan, I found out what my motivations where to feel more confident about myself”. He asked me specific questions which enabled me to identify the roots of my problems, he also made you  think for yourself where the problem arose and what solutions you can already think about. By doing different exercises I started to feel much more confident about myself. I can use the knowledge and tools Nico has given me for the rest of my life. 

If you run into something don’t hesitate to contact Nico.” 

~ Marloes

“I had a few coaching sessions with Nico and I only have good things to say. He asked me questions which enabled me to identify the root cause of my traits, thoughts and opinions. He led the sessions in a very calm manner and truly listened to what I had to say, but at the same time, he was able to resonate accordingly and helped me find the answers within to the questions I had for him. The way he was able to guide me to what I already knew within was enlightening. Each exercise that he conducted allowed me to segment my thoughts and make small steps to achieve accomplishments that I had set myself for the future – in retrospect, I am now in a much better position in my life by virtue of this. If anyone feels stuck, has questions bubbling away in their head or simply wants some guidance – I would 100% recommend Nico.”

~ Anonymous

The intake is free of costs and will last about 1 hour. During this session we will get to know each other, discuss what my work methods are, and you will have the chance to explain what you would like to work on. We then decide if I am the right coach for you and your subject. If there is a match I will provide a coaching plan in which I give a general overview of how many sessions I think will be necessary to adress your subject.

Coaching sessions
The coaching sessions are online via video call or, if prefererred, it can also be done through a telephone call. Depending on what we decide together, the amount of coaching sessions can vary from 1 to 8.

During these sessions we will look at where you are right now and where you want to go to. I will guide you through conversation, different coaching methods, and interventions to gain clarity on your obstacles and skills. I will also provide you with tools that you can implement yourself to continue with your progress after the sessions.

Contact me and we will plan a free intake session.

You are always one choice away from another life. Don’t wait for it to happen, but make it happen. Take action now.

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